Signature - Every brand is unique — your AI should be too. Private Artificial Intelligence

Private Artificial Intelligence

With private AI, your enterprise data stays firmly in your control. When you leverage models trained or fine-tuned on your confidential corporate data and limit its usage strictly to your organisation, you ensure ironclad privacy for your data. You also capitalise on all the advantages of fine-tuning the model to your specific use case.


Your Data — Proprietary or Clean one

Protecting your intellectual property and dataset is critical for preserving their value and integrity.

  • Data set
  • art direction
  • campaigns
  • text
  • documents
Model training

Your own private AI models

Sign, and run your own AI model in a private and secure environment.

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Legal
  • model training

Your Intellectual Property - Delivering unrivalled Output

Deploy, automate and connect your own generative AI to your tools and workflows to achieve greater accuracy and results.

  • Texts
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Actions
  • API

Offering and technology

Integrating the Full Spectrum of AI Capabilities into a Simple Workflow Solution.
Signature Technology evaluates your data, custom-trains your model, and deploys it at scale—within our private and secure infrastructure or yours. This process ensures that your data remains protected.

Every brand is unique.
your AI should be too.

Born after more than a decade in the creative industry,

Signature aims to optimise generative AI's potential for Brands and enterprises by signing and building your own private artificial intelligence model, keeping security and safety as core pillars while growing your intellectual property assets.
By doing so, the output quality will reach an unrivalled level.

Pilot & Production services

Pilot, our Consultancy model, is designed to assist you in your journey towards AI adoption. From Content Production using those principles to immersive training sessions, our team and technology will be at use to support you.

Create, produce, iterate and adapt for every market in a safe and private environment.

*Synthetic campaign created for Kiko Milano via Signature AI

  • Immersion phase
  • Image / video Production
  • Data Collection
  • Proof of concept

Fine-tune models with your data.

Unlock the potential of seamless integration, tailored AI workflows, personalised model training, effortless deployment, and monitoring.

  • Customise models
  • higher accuracy and delivery
  • DATA SET PREPARATION and validation
  • Fine tune LLMs

Build models from scratch

Effortless, versatile, and powerful, our initial version of the ZERO Model offers unmatched photorealism. By partnering with us, you'll gain access to our stunning model for definitive and professional results, distributed with a Commercial license.

ZERO: Our foundation model — Used to create yours.

  • TEXT
  • image
  • video


Expand your reach globally from day one using our comprehensive suite of datasets and models.
We ensure clear, consistent messaging for the target audience, creating custom datasets for specific markets or data types.

  • marketing
  • Customise Content at Scale
  • A/B testing

Optimized models and platform automation

Connect your private model with all your tools to seamlessly automate business workflows. Open the possibilities and build new way of processing in a secure and fastest way.

  • custom ai workflows
  • integration
  • API
  • monitoring
  • FAST

Intent analysis and refiner

Signature allows our clients to perform Sentiment Analysis on image, video, and text, receiving a pondered reading on which human emotions can be extracted from a media composition. This reading allows our clients to restart a feedback loop in which the outcome becomes a tool of calibration for new assets.
These elements are used in creative testing, tracking creative efforts, conducting audits, and meta analyses, providing valuable insights and identifying trends, becoming vital in our clients’ business and marketing strategies.

  • SENTIMENT analysis
  • creativity
  • emotions
  • attention
  • memories

Your DATA WHERE is it today

Digital asset management systems have evolved beyond mere storage. By connecting Signature to your DAMs, you can publish and track assets throughout their lifecycle. Utilising Signature via your DAM could become a potent asset in your marketing strategy.

  • Flawless Integration
  • Secure
  • Private
  • Safe


Why private AI?

Signature's approach is the optimal choice for your company, offering enhanced speed, superior customisation, and increased privacy. They are designed with an enterprise mindset from day one, ensuring they meet the unique needs of your business.

  • custom ai workflows
  • Private model Training
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring
Why fine-tuning with Signature?

For greater accuracy and results, by tailoring the model to specific use cases and industries, it can generate more detailed and relevant results. Additionally, its large capacity for iteration unlocks the creative potential of features.

  • fine-tuning
  • Efficiency
  • iteration
  • customisation


Not your data ?
not your AI.

Using rights-cleared or open-source datasets for AI training can help avoid legal issues.
Transparent licensing frameworks can clarify the use and distribution rights of AI-generated content.

Own your AI, or it will own you.

Furthermore, establishing transparent licensing frameworks ensures clarity over the usage and distribution rights of AI-generated content. Human-in-the-loop approaches integrate tangible human oversight into the content creation process, potentially aligning with current copyright laws.

For added assurance, our legal partner, Cooley LLP, provides top-notch legal expertise, having worked with other prominent tech companies like Midjourney, Meta AI, and OpenAI.

* Synthetic campaign created for TWKS for Geneva Camarata via Signature AI

    Data protection

    Security and Intellectual Property

    Utilising locally deployed Foundation Models from open-source AI ensures high security and data protection, meeting GDPR and SOC certification standards.

    Custom algorithms and workflows are developed for each client, creating exclusive, high-performance models. These models are securely eliminated at the end of the contract to prevent data compromise.

      Regulatory Adaptation & Ethical Standard

      Signature is dedicated to ethical AI development with human oversight, adherence to regulatory standards, including GDPR, and fair AI model training. Our proactive approach is shown in comprehensive indemnity protections and regulatory change adherence, reflecting responsible AI use.

        Security and Intellectual Property — Safe and Private

        Our clients hold exclusive rights to outputs, including potential IP, ensuring control over their data. Signature's services adhere to GDPR, guaranteeing data privacy and security.

          Use Cases

          Unique and Private
          Synthetic Materials

          We trained various models using a high-definition dataset captured by Matext in their studio in Switzerland, on a real foundation and are provided in the highest possible quality. Providing a high-resolution texture photography service for a wide range of uses, including graphic design, CGI, digital creation, and photography studios or advertising agencies.